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What are the requirements for food grade packaging?

28 November 2023
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As a food operator, it is essential to understand what “food grade” means and what requirements the packaging needs to be certified as such. 

A guide to disposing of takeaway packaging

30 October 2023
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Takeaway packaging is adding to the plastic pollution crisis, so how can consumers dispose of takeout containers properly?

Paper drinking straws: Are they really an eco-friendly option?

20 October 2023
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Paper drinking straws have quickly outpaced their plastic counterparts. However, some are questioning how eco-friendly they really are.

Understanding sustainable takeaway packaging: Are pizza boxes compostable?

18 October 2023
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It's estimated that around 3 billion pizza boxes are used each year in the US alone. So how sustainable are takeaway pizza boxes.

Which food grade packaging materials are recyclable?

17 October 2023
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As threats of climate change become more dire, restaurant owners and food operators are swiftly adjusting packaging practices to limit contributions to plastic pollution. A major concern for food grade packaging lies in how much plastic ends up polluting local waterways.  These often break down into microplastics, which are defined as fragments of any type […]

Disposable food cutlery: Is there a benefit to offering it?

6 October 2023
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Disposable food cutlery, along with napkins and single servings of sauce, used to be standard offerings with takeout food. is that about to change?

Why is sustainable food packaging important?

30 September 2023
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Sustainable food packaging can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint while gaining a market of loyal consumers

What is food grade packaging? 

19 September 2023
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Restaurant owners around the world can expect up to 2.64 billion users of online food delivery services by 2027, according to recent research. This will require business owners to decide how to package meals for safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing delivery to consumers.  Food grade packaging refers to materials that are certified as safe for […]

Does compostable takeaway packaging contain “forever chemicals”?

12 September 2023
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Compostable food packaging has increased in popularity, becoming a standard for several businesses. But recent studies discovered food packaging samples that contained "forever chemicals".

What are the limits of compostable food packaging?

30 June 2023
An image of compostable takeaway containers, compostable food packaging, compostable food containers, takeaway boxes, takeaway packaging, in an article on the limits of compostable food packaging
Compostable food packaging is becoming increasingly popular, but could certain meals compromise its integrity?