Restaurant insights

How to avoid dine and dash at your restaurant

29 November 2023
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Dine and dash refers to the act of people ordering and consuming food and/or beverages and leaving without paying.

Automation in the takeout industry: How will it affect workers?

6 November 2023
fast food, fast food industry, automation in the fast food industry, automation in takeout
Interestingly, many aspects of fast-food automation can assist human workers to work more efficiently.

Can restaurants benefit from takeout-only venues?

28 September 2023
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Takeout-only venues can provide restaurant owners with additional income without compromising the quality of dine-ine meals.

Fast-food cutlery: Should it be standard or optional?

21 September 2023
An image of plastic cutlery, plastic fork, single-use takeaway cutlery in an article on Fast-food cutlery and whether it should be standard or optional
Fast-food cutlery is a significant contributor to single-use plastic waste. So would making it optional help reduce waste?

How can restaurants avoid negative reviews?

19 July 2023
An image of a restaurant customer providing feedback, negative online reviews, negative reviews, restaurant reviews, in an article on how restaurants can avoid negative reviews
Negative reviews can significantly impact a restaurant's reputation and revenue, so what is the best way to deal with them without losing customers?

QR code menus: Do customers love or hate them?

12 July 2023
An image of a QR code menu, QR codes on menus, QR code menus in an article on QR code menus and whether customers like them.
Using a QR code on your menu may seem to be the more efficient and hygienic option, but is it likely to drive away customers?

Should restaurants use Just Eat for food delivery? Exploring the best options for restaurant owners

24 May 2023
An image of a food delivery driver using a bike, a Just Eat food delivery, food delivery in an article on whether restaurants should use Just Eat for food delivery
Food delivery services are increasing in numbers, which can make it difficult for restaurants to determine which ones to use. Let's explore the benefits of Just Eat...

Exploring the phenomenal rise of ghost kitchens

10 May 2023
An image of DoorDash Kitchens, an example of ghost kitchen, dark kitchens, virtual kitchens, in an article on ghost kitchens
Explore the rise of ghost kitchens and how they are transforming the way restaurants expand through delivery-only options while facing limitations such as quality control and regulatory challenges.

Who should pay for damaged food deliveries?

3 May 2023
An image of a food delivery person handing over pizza boxes to a customer in an article on who should pay for damaged food deliveries
Damaged food deliveries can have a negative domino effect for restaurants and delivery services, so who should be the one to pay up?

Food delivery boxes & customer safety: An essential guide for restaurant owners

28 April 2023
An image of a customer unpacking a food delivery, unpacking food boxes, delivery boxes, in an article on food delivery boxes & customer safety
Customer safety is a priority for all restaurant owners, and that extends to their food delivery boxes and services.