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Use takeaway containers to boost brand exposure

A strong brand presence is crucial for recognition and success, particularly in the highly competitive restaurant and hospitality industry. Is it brimming with world-renowned names and successful chains, but new players with strong followings and original products enter all the time. In the US alone, over 6,000 new restaurants open a month, each one taking a percentage of the market share.

Arguably, traditional marketing strategies, including commercials on television and radio, adverts in newspapers, and word of mouth, are essential. However, creative brand exposure is a key component of brand recognition and loyalty. 

The innovative use of takeaway containers, such as boxes and carrier bags, can be a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness. Furthermore, customised takeaway containers can increase visibility to those who are already customers and entice new ones. 

Discover how to customise your takeaway packaging to set your business apart and increase brand awareness. 

Exploring the popularity of takeaway food & delivery

The number of takeaway food and restaurant deliveries has increased tremendously in recent years. While the Covid-19 pandemic may have boosted the number of delivery sales, those sales have remained constant since it ended. It has become clear the vast majority of customers value convenience and safety over an in-dining experience. In turn, delivery services have become integral to many restaurants post-pandemic. 

The entire food delivery app industry is expected to reach a $165 billion market size by 2029. The likes of Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub are some of the top-performing third-party delivery platforms in the US. Essentially, third-party delivery platforms are intermediaries between customers and restaurants that offer meal delivery services. They facilitate the entire delivery process, from taking orders to providing customer service. The increased variety of delivery services for customers has restaurant owners brainstorming new and innovative ways to advertise and market to this demographic. 

Investing in effective branding and suitable fast food packaging is critical in ensuring customers receive a restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of their homes. 

Branded packaging is a highly effective form of advertising for restaurants and food vendors. Notably, customers are likely to have a more memorable experience if their order is delivered in a well-designed, branded takeaway container. The use of restaurant logos, as well as the choice of colour and design elements on packaging, can create strong brand awareness and several sales opportunities. 

Effective branding evokes the personality of a restaurant. Logos, fonts, and colours can portray feelings of sophistication, fun, and even eccentricity. From images alone, branded packaging can deliver excitement, love, and trust – values that more consumers are looking for in their favourite brands. 

An image of branded takeaway packaging, customised takeout boxes, custom-printed takeout containers in an article on how to use takeaway containers to boost brand exposure

Boosting brand recognition with takeaway containers

Branded takeaway containers can help advertise a restaurant in several ways. While it may seem inconsequential, branded packaging allows customers to share an aesthetically pleasing image with friends and family on social media. Social media users can quickly identify the restaurant, the type of food they serve, and whether they want to try it. 

Furthermore, branded packaging can lead to a broader audience that traditional adverts may not reach. For example, a customer taking the subway while holding a branded takeaway container exposes the entire station and surrounding commuters to the restaurant or brand.  

Branded packaging increases not only a restaurant’s audience range but also the perceived value of the business. A well-executed branding strategy can convey personality, value, differentiation, reputation, and equity.

An image of customised takeout boxes, custom-printed takeaway containers, custom takeaway packaging, custom fast food boxes, in an article on how to use takeaway containers to boost brand exposure

What to consider when customising takeaway containers

Recent studies show 82% of consumers choose brands they are already familiar with. Branded or customised packaging is a promise to the customer. Essentially, it is used as a guarantee or “stamp of approval,” saying the restaurant is proud of the product the customer is receiving. The branding reminds customers why they ordered from that restaurant and builds credibility. 

Customised takeaway containers can come in many forms. However, there are several factors to consider that can set a business apart from others. Sustainability, functionality, and consistency are all crucial to the customer experience and ultimately reflect on the restaurant’s value. 

Sustainability in the restaurant industry

Sustainable practices are essential to customers and how they perceive a business. For example, environmentally friendly packaging, such as biodegradable and compostable containers, cups, and straws, can form part of the company’s brand. When customers see sustainable practices as part of a restaurant’s brand, they may be more inclined to dine with them over others who do not. 

The functionality of takeaway containers

The functionality of takeaway containers is vital for the type of food a restaurant serves. Packaging that is defective or leads to leaks and spills can cause cross-contamination and a poor customer experience. When a customer orders from a restaurant, they rely on the establishment to provide functional packaging that will bring them restaurant-quality food at home. 

Nothing is more devastating to customers than to see sauce or soup all over their delivery bag, or their sandwich deconstructed in their takeaway container. Using proper takeaway boxes eliminates this issue. Soup or sauce-based menu items, for instance, could sit in a takeaway bowl with a tight lid, while sandwiches can be wrapped in waxed paper emblazoned with the restaurant logo or catchphrase. 

Ensuring brand consistency across takeout packaging

Besides functionality, brand consistency and design elements lead to overall trust and brand value. For example, knowing a restaurant focuses on the quality of its delivery food as much as its in-dining food leads to increased customer trust and loyalty. Customer trust and commitment lead to repeat sales and higher profits. 

A strong brand presence is crucial to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Customers often expect a high level of hospitality – an expectation which will only continue to grow. Using branded takeaway containers to boost visibility is a creative direction only a few restaurateurs take. With the growth of delivery services and third-party delivery platforms, it’s safe to assume that focusing branding efforts on delivery products to create a memorable dining experience at home is the future of hospitality. 

Logos, colours, and images outside the restaurant create value, evoke personality, provide consistency to the brand, and tell a story to the customer who is unable to dine in. The success of a restaurant relies on repeat customers and customer awareness, and a branded marketing strategy can assist in bringing those customers in.